Family Teacher Association - Brookland


Founded in 2015, the purpose of the Lee Montessori Public Charter School Family Teacher Association (FTA) is to enhance and support the educational experience at Lee Montessori PCS, to promote a closer connection between school and home by encouraging family engagement and strong family-school communications, and to foster a sense of community among families, teachers and administrators at Lee Montessori PCS through family engagement, volunteerism and financial support. Lee Montessori PCS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Membership is open to any parent, guardian, or other adult regularly serving in a parent/guardian role for a student at the school and any teachers or staff employed at the school. To become a member, please sign up during our Fall Registration Drive or email The Brookland FTA sends out regular announcements and also hosts a families-only Facebook page – please contact us at the address above for additional information.

Families are encouraged to get involved with FTA committees which include social, family care, fundraising, outdoor, and health and safety committees.

Brookland FTA Executive Committee 2018-19

  • Jurgen Kanagalingam, President

  • Nikki Russell, Vice President

  • Terica Allen, Treasurer

  • Jennifer Renner, Secretary

  • Tyrone Gibson, At Large Representative

  • Brenna McErlean, Elementary Representative (term expires Sept 2019)

  • Whitney Donaldson, Primary Representative (term expires Sept 2019)

Please subscribe to the Brookland FTA’s Google Calendar to stay up to date on events.

Meeting summaries as well as the FTA bylaws can be reviewed in the archives.