The Lee Montessori Difference

“Classrooms were peaceful and quiet, and students were happy; lessons were well planned and taught with passion; students with all needs were fully supported; teachers understood the Montessori model and implemented it with fidelity.”

-- 2018 Qualitative Site Review, DC Public Charter School Board


Watch our 3-minute video to learn how Lee Montessori will support your child.


Mission & Vision

Lee Montessori fosters a lifetime love of learning and cultivates independence among DC school children, using the student-centered Montessori Method, an evidence-based approach to closing the opportunity gap.

Commitment to Equity

Lee Montessori provides a high-quality experience for a racially and socio-economically diverse community with the goal of empowering each child we serve to transform society. We are committed to an anti-bias, anti-racist framework that addresses social inequity through the lenses of race, class, immigration, gender, and LGBTQ identity.



Lee Montessori is one of only five public Montessori schools in Washington DC and the only public elementary school fully-recognized in DC by the Association Montessori Internationale — USA. We innovate by blending conventional educational practices with progressive Montessori principles that release a child’s innate eagerness to learn.

Why Montessori?


Promoting Independence

Inside our classrooms, children as young as age 3 move around a beautiful room and work with hands-on, manipulative materials. In this manner, learning and well-being are improved as children gain a stronger sense of control over their lives.  

Freedom with Limits

Classroom environments foster a child’s innate curiosity and desire to learn. Children have the freedom to learn at their own pace and absorb information through exploration of the world around them.


Personalized Instruction

Lee Montessori’s highly trained teachers develop individual learning paths for each child and present most lessons individually to respond to the child’s unique interests and abilities. All students, including those with special needs or learning disabilities, receive interventions and support if they are struggling to succeed.

Evidence-Based Outcomes

Dr. Maria Montessori developed her method through scientific observation and pedagogical experimentation. Modern research confirms that children are thriving under this method compared to traditional, teacher-driven instruction.






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